Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Ozmafia オズマフィア


Having transferred into Oz Academy, Scarlet finds himself already in trouble. The three boys who save him in his time of need are named Caramia, Kyrie, and Axel.

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Bishounen, School

Episode: 12 + 1 Special

Original Run
Series: July 7, 2016 – September 22, 2016
Special: October 28, 2016

1. I Love You More                  [First Ending]
2. If the World Gives Up          [Second Ending]
3. Love You Tomorrow             [Third Ending]

OZMAFIA! Character Song 
Vol.1 Regulus
Vol.2 Khronos
Vol.3 Cosmos
Vol.4 Words are Worth

Manga: OZMAFIA!!
Published: October 30, 2012 – May 22, 2015
Volume: 3

Caramia: The Brave Lion
Seiyuu: Tarusuke Shingaki
Affiliation: Oz Family

Kyrie: The Cunning Scarecrow
Seiyuu: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Affiliation: Oz Family

Axel: The Quiet, Unsociable Tin Man
Seiyuu: Atsushi Kakenashi
Affiliation: Oz Family

Hamelin: ???
Seiyuu: Hideshi Hara
Affiliation: Grimm Family

Scarlet: The Red Hooded Gunner
Seiyuu: Mitsuhiro Ichiki
Affiliation: Grimm Family

Caesar: The Cruel Wolf
Seiyuu: Takuya Kirimoto
Affiliation: Wolf Gang

Sou: The Pure, Harmless Person
Seiyuu: Yuuichi Iguchi
Affiliation: Wolf Gang

Pashet: The Strict Cat who wears Long Boots
Seiyuu: Fujii Kyoko
Affiliation: Stival Family

Dorian Gray: The Hedonist Manager
Seiyuu: Unknown
Affiliation: Oscar Wilde Brothel

Alfani: The Blissful Masochist Prince
Seiyuu: Unknown
Affiliation: Oscar Wilde Brothel

Manboy: The Devoted Swallow
Seiyuu: Unknown
Affiliation: Oscar Wilde Brothel

Here is the preview:

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