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Weiß Kreuz ヴァイスクロイツ (Vaisu Kuroitsu)


These four men, Omi Tsukiyono, Ken Hidaka, Yohji Kudoh, and Aya Fujimiya, are a group of assassins called "Weiß." They cover their operations by working at a flower shop during the day and the basement is their hideout. This is no ordinary group: they kill the murderers, big businessmen, and other assassins that the law cannot touch. Each one is fighting for their own reasons, whether it is revenge or to help a loved one. But they soon realize that there are connections between some of their cases and try to find out what is really going on. They use whatever they can to complete their missions and kill the people that are targeted by Weiß's leader.

Knight Hunters Eternity ヴァイスクロイツ・グリーエン 
(Vaisu Kuroitsu Gurien) 


Several terrorist attacks and assassinations all over the world lead the Weiß to the mysterious Koua Academy, a prestigious school meant to mold the leaders of tomorrow. However, all is not as it seems with Koua, with numerous student suicides and an underground cult operating within the school. In addition, an even greater evil lurks beneath the surface, and only the members of Weiß, Aya, Ken, Omi and Yoji, joined by newcomers Sena and Kyo, can rid Koua Academy of evil once and for all.

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Bishounen, Tragedy, Action, Assassins

Season 1: 25 Episodes + 2 OVA
Season 2: 13 Episodes

Original Run
Season 1: April 8, 1998 – September 30, 1998
OVA: November 25, 1999 – February 23, 2000
Season 2: November 28, 2002 – February 20, 2003

Season 1:
1. Velvet Underworld               [First Opening]
2. Piece of Heaven                   [Second Opening]
3. Beautiful Alone                   [First Ending]
4. It’s Too Late                      [Second Ending]

1. No Reason                 [Opening]
2. Mellow Candle            [Ending]

Crashers: Knight and Ran I
1. Look of Love
2. Someday

Crashers: Knight and Ran II
1. Flowers

Weiss Kruez - Schlag Des Herzenz
1. Kryptonite Smokes
2. Isotype, Newtype
3. House of Love
4. Mizu no Naka Chiisana Taiyou

5. The Minority
6. Other Side of the Moon

Weiss Kruez TV Animation Soundtrack
1. 46
2. Fly

Dramatic Image Album I: The Eternal Angel I
1. Pop Girl
2. Suicide Seaside
3. Caravan
4. Blue Mask

Dramatic Image Album II: The Eternal Angel II
1. White Flames
2. Yuugou
3. Kami wa Taisetsuna Mono O Kizutsukeru
4. Truth
5. Black Angel

Weiss Kruez Dramatic Image Album III: Schwarz Ein I
1. MONOCHROME ni Somari Yuku Machi de
2. Mayfly
3. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Weiss Kruez Dramatic Image Album IV: Schwarz Ein II
1. Courage
2. Spiritualized
3. Este

Weiss Kruez Das Ewige Dasein
1. Rhodesia
2. Living in the Pleasure World
3. My Blood Valentine
4. Honeyrider
5. Ocean Song
6. Carnival 2000
7. Brain Damage
8. Hard Lovin' Loser
9. The End
10. Last in My Winds

Season 2:
1. Glühen                     [Opening]
2. Stone Roses              [First Ending]
3. Tomorrow                [Second Ending]
4. Oh Mercy
5. Miserable Lies
6. I Wonder

Weiss Kruez - Die Bleibende Erinnerung
1. Instant Karma
2. Saido no Baisen
3. Epitaph
4. Jeepstar
5. Sweet Nothing

Weiss Kruez Vocal Album Tagesanbruch
1. Love of My Live
2. The Road
3. Wallpaper for Soul
4. One More Angel
5. Sora ni Naretara
6. No Surrender
7. I Do
8. New Song
9. Something in My Eyes
10. Hoshizora no Soul
11. Jazz Me Blues
12. Shodows and Lights
13. Tonight
14. Kitto Wasuranai

Weiss Kruez Vocal Collection "Gluhen"
1. Tokyo Sling
2. Southpaw Boxer
3. Future
4. Perfect Stranger
5. Bosanova, Casanova
6. Li-Bi-Do
7. Shindemo ii
8. Meguriaeta Koto
9. Slim


1. Weiß: An Assassin And White Shaman
Published: 1997 – September 28, 1998
Volume: 2

2. Weiß: Side B
Published: November 28, 2002 – August 16, 2007
Volume: 5

Light Novel: Forever White
Published: July 1997 – December 1997
Volume: 1

Here is the Additional Information regarding the characters:

Ran Fujimiya 蘭藤宮 @ Ayaアヤ
Seiyuu: Takehito Koyasu
Codename: Abyssinian
Age: 20 years old
Birthday: July 4 (Cancer)
Image Flower: Rose
Weapon: Katana (Shion)
Affiliates: Sendai Kritiker, Tsushima Kritiker & Tokyo Crashers
Own White Porsche 928

Youji Kudou 耀爾工藤 
Seiyuu: Shinichiro Miki
Codename: Balinese
Age: 21 years old
Birthday: March 3 (Pieces)
Image Flower: Cattleya
Weapon: Harigane (Thin & Strong Wire)
Former Private Detective

Ken Hidaka  健飛鷹
Seiyuu: Tomokazu Seki
Codename: Siberian
Age: 19 years old
Birthday: December 23 (Capricorn)
Image Flower: Gentian
Weapon: Bugnuk (Tiger Claw)
Affiliates: Kagoshima Kritiker 
A talented professional soccer goalie in the J-League, but he was forced to quit due to a gambling scandal, despite he is innocent.

Omi Tsukiyono 臣月夜野 / Mamoru Takatori 衛鷹取
Seiyuu: Hiro Yuuki
Codename: Bombay / Persia
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: February 29 (Pieces)
Image Flower: Freesia
Weapon: Crossbow, Blow Guns, Arrows & Darts
Reiji Takatori’s son & Shuichi Takatori’s biological son

Here is the preview:

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