Friday, 30 December 2016

Heaven's Memo Pad 神様のメモ帳 (Kamisama no Memochou)


Narumi Fujishima is an ordinary high school boy who remains isolated from his fellow classmates. One afternoon fellow classmate Ayaka Shinozaki invites Narumi to join the gardening club and introduces him to a reclusive detective named Alice. Alice hires Narumi as an assistant and puts him to work solving the strange mysteries of Angel fix, an illegal drug. Little does he know it could put him and Ayaka in serious trouble.

Genre: Mystery, Detective, Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Crime, 
            Conspiracy, Gangs, NEET, Yakuza, Secret Agents

Episode: 12

Original Run: July 2, 2011 – September 24, 2011

1. Kawaru Mirai                      [Opening]
2. Sleeping Butterfly               [Insert 5]
3. Colorado Bulldog                [First Ending]
4. Asunaro                              [Second Ending]

Kamisama no Memochou Character File Alice
1. Kimi ga Koko ni Kuru Ni, San no Riyuu
2. Sono Yami no Kanata Made

Kamisama no Memochou Character File Ayaka Shinozaki
1. Another Sky
2. Watashi Dake no Sora

Manga: Kamisama no Memochou
Published: June 26, 2010 – July 27, 2012
Volume: 3

Light Novel: Kamisama no Memochou
Published: January 25, 2007 – September 10, 2014
Volume: 9

Here is the preview:

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