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Laughing Under the Clouds 曇天に笑う (Donten ni Warau)


In the eleventh year of the Meiji era carrying swords was forbidden by the government and those known as samurai were slowly fading away. However, there were plenty who didn't like those changes taking place in Japan and inevitably the crime rates increased. The country's only solution was an inescapable lake prison. Since the prison had no other way to access it except by water, the three boys of the Kumo family were assigned to transport the criminals to their new "home".

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural, Exorcists, Family, Ninjas, 
            Historical, Samurais, Shikigami, Special Abilities, Spirits

Episode: 12 + 3 Movie

Original Run
Series: October 4, 2014 – December 20, 2014
Movie: December 2, 2017
Movie: June 9, 2018
Movie: Unscheduled

1. Biran no Kaze                       [First Opening]
2. Ruten no You                      [Second Opening]
3. ATTITUDE TO LIFE               [Ending]

Donten ni Warau Vol.1 Bonus CD
1. Itten Toppa
3. Colorful no Boukem

Donten ni Warau Vol.2 Bonus CD
1. Utakata no Koibito
2. Onaji Toki o Onaji Yume o
3. Noroi Orochi


1. Rengoku ni Warau
Published: December 24, 2013 – Ongoing
Volume: 6

2. Donten ni Warau
Published: March 15, 2011 – July 27 2014
Volume: 6

3. Donten ni Warau Gaiden
Published: December 24, 2013 – February 3, 2017
Volume: 3

Here is the Additional Information regarding the characters:

Tenka Kumou  天火曇
Seiyuu: Yuichi Nakamuraa
Eldest of 3 Kumou Brothers
14th Head of Kumou Shrine
Former Captain of Yamainu
Birthday: July 7
Age: 24 years old
Weapon: Fan

Soramaru Kumou  空丸曇
Seiyuu: Yuuki Kaji
Second eldest of 3 Kumou Brothers
15th Head of Kumou Shrine
Orochi’s Vessel
Birthday: May 5
Age: 16 years old
Weapon: Family’s Twin Swords

Chuutarou Kumou  宙太郎曇
Seiyuu: Tsubasa Yonaga
Youngest of 3 Kumou Brothers
Birthday: December 12
Age: 12 years old
Ability: Speed
Always accompanied by a small tanuki called Gerokichi

Shirasu Kinjou 白子金城/ Kotarou Fuuma 小太郎風魔
Seiyuu: Takahiro Sakurai
A freeloader at the Kumou shrine
10th head of the Fuma clan
Birthday: April 1
Age: 25 years old

Abe no Sousei 蒼世安倍
Seiyuu: Kousuke Toriumi
Captain of Yamainu Squad
Tenka’s Childhood Friend
Soramaru’s Swordmaster
Birthday: October 25
Age: 24 years old
Weapon: Abe Family’s Sword

Seiyuu: Mamiko Noto
A non-pure & non-full-fledged Fuuma members
Developed feelings towards Soramaru
Birthday: April 5
Age: 16 years old

Here is the preview:

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