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Princess Resurrection 怪物王女 (Kaibutsu Ōjo)


Since Hiro Hiyorimi's parents died, he and his sister Sawawa have lived apart. Now, Sawawa has gotten a new job as the caretaker of a creepy old mansion, and has sent Hiro a letter asking him to come and stay there with her. Finding the mansion boarded up and apparently empty, Hiro wanders around town looking for Sawawa. Instead, he runs into the new resident of the mansion, and ends up pushing her out of the way of some falling steel beams. Unfortunately, he loses his own life in the process. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, the person he thought he saved turns out to be a princess of the monster kingdom, and she grants him a second life...but only for as long as he will be her servant.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Supernatural, Thriller, 
            Harem, Monsters, Vampires, Zombies

Episode: 25 + 1 Special + 3 OVA

Original Run
Series: April 13, 2007 – September 28, 2007
Special: February 14, 2008
OVA: December 9, 2010 – October 7, 2011

1. BLOOD QUEEN                                           [Opening]
2. Hizamazuite Ashi o Oname                            [Ending]
3. Oumagakoi                                                      [Insert]
4. Outeki Ketsuzoku                                            [Insert]
5. Genzai no Aperitif                                            [Insert]
6. BLOOD QUEEN (Apocalyptic Aphrodite Mix)   [Insert]


1. Kaibutsu Oujo
Published: June 25, 2006 – February 26, 2013
Volume: 20

2. Naqua-den
Published: February 25, 2012 – September 26, 2014
Volume: 6

3. Kaibutsu Oujo Nightmare
Published: November 25, 2017 – Ongoing

Here is the Additional Information regarding the characters:

Seiyuu: Ayako Kawasumi (TV Series), Saori Hayami (OVA)
17-year-old aristocratic woman
The second royal princess of the Phoenix Tribe whose real name is Lillianne von Phoenix

Seiyuu: Shiho Kawaragi (TV Series), Yuka Iguchi (OVA)
Race: Gynoid

A child-like gynoid in the service of Hime, nicknamed "Flan"

Hiro Hiyorimi 日郎日和見
Seiyuu: Fuyuka Oura (TV Series), Miyu Irino (OVA)
Race: Human who possess "half-immortality" from Hime
He supposed to be dead buy Hime offers her her blood (flame, in the anime) to revived him.

Sawawa Hiyorimi  紗和々日和見
Seiyuu: Yuuko Minaguichi (TV Series), Ai Kayano (OVA)
Race: Human
Hiro's sister, who is a maid employed by Hime.

Riza Wildmanリザ·ワイルドマン
Seiyuu: Yuuko Kaida (TV Series), Eri Kitamura (OVA)
A half-breed tomboy girl who has a werewolf father, called Volg Wildman, and a human mother.

Reiri Kamura 令裡嘉村
Seiyuu: Mamiko Noto (TV Series), Aki Toyosaki (OVA)
Race: Vampire

Here is the preview:

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