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Absolute Duo アブソリュート・デュオ (Abusoryūto Duo)


Kōryō Academy is a school for students who has Blaze, a soul's power to create a weapon. However, Thor's Blaze is irregular. It creates a shield instead of a weapon. The academy uses a special Duo system, at which students forming pairs and living together. Thor ended up being Julie's partner, and it's uncommon for a boy and girl sharing a room together.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Harem, Ecchi, Action, School, Supernatural

Episode: 12

Original Run: January 4, 2015 – March 22, 2015

1. Absolute Soul              [Opening]
2. BelievexBelieve         [First Ending]
3. Apple Tea no Aji        [Second Ending]
4. 2/2                               [Third Ending]
5. Deep Red Heart              [Insert]


1. Absolute Duo
Published: April 27, 2013 – July 27, 2017
Volume: 4

2. Absolute Duo Tea Party
Published: October 27, 2014 – December 27, 2014
Volume: 1

Light Novel: Absolute Duo
Published: August 24, 2012 – Ongoing
Volume: 11

Here is the Additional Information regarding the characters:

Tōru Kokonoe 透流九重
Seiyuu: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Nicknames: Cohabitating Irregular
Blaze: Shield (Irregular)
Rank: IV
Duo: Julie Sigtuna
Country: Japan

Julie Sigtuna ユリエ・シグトゥーナ
Seiyuu: Nozomi Yamamoto
Blaze: Sabers
Rank: III
Duo: Tōru Kokonoe
Country: Gimlé

Imari Nagakura  伊万里永
Seiyuu: Haruka Tomatsu
Blaze: Kusarigama
Rank: III
Country: Japan

Lilith Bristolリーリス・ブリストル
Seiyuu: Haruka Yamazaki
Nicknames: Exception
Blaze: Rifle
Rank: III
Country: United Kingdom

Miyabi Hotaka みやび穂高
Seiyuu: Ayaka Imamura
Blaze: Lance
Rank: II
Duo: Tomoe Tachibana
Country: Japan

Tomoe Tachibana 巴橘
Seiyuu: Ayaka Suwa
Blaze: Kusarigama
Rank: III
Duo: Miyabi Hotaka
Country: Japan

Here is the preview:

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