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The Hill Dyed Rose Madder あかね色に染まる坂 (Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka)


One day, Junichi Nagase comes across two boys tormenting Yuuhi Katagiri. When he steps in to help they run off calling him "Geno Killer". He then walks off without introducing himself or allowing the girl to either. The next day to both of their surprise she is introduced as a new transfer student to his class. The following day due to a misunderstanding he kisses her which greatly upsets her. That evening to his surprise and dismay she shows up to his door saying she is his fiancée and that she has come to live with him to evaluate him to see if he is worthy of her. Much hi-jinx ensues as the days go by.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Fanservice, Harem, School, 
            School Life, Tsundere

Episode: 12 + 1 Special

Original Run
Series: October 2, 2008 – December 18, 2008
Special: June 26, 2009

List of Songs (directly to Anime Lyrics Blog)

1. Hatsukoi Parachute                      [Opening]
2. Sweet Gift                                    [First Ending]
3. Confusion…                                 [Second Ending]
4. Shojou Test wa Muzukashii         [Third Ending]
5. Akane-Iro Hometown                   [Fourth Ending]
6. Cherry Pink Mystery                    [Fifth Ending]
7. Make a Miracle!                           [Sixth Ending]
8. Love Diving                                 [Seventh Ending]
9. Chu-chu-ru no Yakusoku             [Eight Ending]
10. Mazamenai Wish…                    [Ninth Ending]
11. Ai Koko Kara                             [Tenth Ending]     
12. Four Season's Memory               [Insert]

1. Watashi to Kare no Jijou            [Ending]           

Manga: Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka
Published: June 26, 2008 – June 26, 2009
Volume: 2

Light Novel

1. Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka: Nagomi Maniacs
Published: December 15, 2007

2. Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka: Nagase Minato no Koi Iro
Published: February 29, 2008

Here is the Additional Information regarding the characters:

Jun’ichi Nagase – Wataru Hatano
Second year student

Minato Nagase – Aya Hirano
Jun'ichi's sister
First year student

Yuuhi Katagiri – Rie Kugimiya
Transfer student - same class with Jun'ichi
Second year student

Karen Ayanokouji – Emiri Katou 
Jun'ichi's Classmate
Second year student

Mitsuki Siina – Rie Tanaka
President of Student Council
Third year student
Likes to use Jun'ichi as her lapdog

Yuuhi Katagiri – Rie Kugimiya
Jun'ichi Classmate & Childhood Friend
Second year student

Nagomi Shiraishi – Ryou Hirohashi
First year student & Minato's Classmate

Here is the preview:

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