Thursday, 5 November 2015

Kyōsōgiga 京騒戏画


Hidden within Kyoto is the "mirror capital" where youkai and humans live together and no one ever dies. It is protected by three people - Kurama, Yase, and Myoue - as they await the return of their parents, Myoue Jonin and Koto. One day a young girl named Koto (same name, different spelling) and her little brothers A and Un wander into the city from a different dimension looking for her mother. A mecha-geek with red eyes, it's not immediately clear whether she's human or youkai. Her arrival upsets the long peace that had ruled the city.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, 
            Family, Gods, Goddesses, Monsters, Parallel Universe

Episode: 10 + 3 Special + 1 ONA + 5 ONA

Original Run
Series + Special: October 2, 2013 – December 25, 2013
ONA: December 6, 2011
ONA: August 31, 2012 – December 22, 2012

1. Koko                                [Opening]
2. Shissou Ginga                  [Ending]

Kyousougiga Utagoyomi
1. Special
2. Pure Heart!!
3. Grace
4. Ruten no Kaze
5. Kongou Kyojin Bishamaru
6. The Secret of My Life

Manga: Kyousou Giga
Published: December 27, 2011 – January 27, 2014
Volume: 2

Here is the preview:

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