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The YuYu Style ゆゆ式 (Yuyushiki)


The uneventful but subtly humorous daily lives of three girls who have just entered high school. Yuzuko is an intelligent airhead. Yukari is a loopy airhead. Yui is the mature and stable heart of the group. The other two girls depend on Yui, and she adores them in return. Teacher Miss Matsumoto, whom they call "Mother," sets them up in a tiny room with two computers and a whiteboard as the school's Data Processing Club.

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, School, School

Episode: 12 + 6 Special + 1 OVA

Original Run
Series: April 9, 2013 – June 26, 2013
Special: May 29, 2013  October 23, 2013
OVA: February 22, 2017

1. Se-no!           [Opening]
2. Affection       [Ending]
3. Setsunairo   [Insert]

1. Kirameki! no Hi                         [Opening]
2. Aozora no Tsukurikata              [Ending]

Manga: Yuyushiki
Published: March 9, 2008 – Ongoing
Volume: 9

Here is the Additional Information regarding the Characters:

Yuzuko Nonohara
Seiyuu: Rumi Okuda
First Member of Data Processing Club
Innocent nature but sometimes breaks out into outrageous behavior
Despite dimwitted Behavior & crazy ideas, she actually quite smart when it comes to studies

Yui Ichii
Seiyuu: Minami Tsuda
Second Member of Data Processing Club
Shy girl who often serves as the straight man to the antics of Yuzuko & Yukari who often like to tease her

Yukari Hinata
Seiyuu: Risa Taneda
Third Member of Data Processing Club
Light headed girl who will often copy Yuzuko’s antics if she finds them amusing
Comes from rich family and childhood friend for Yui since elementary school

Yoriko Matsumoto
Seiyuu: Yui Horie
Girl’s Homeroom Teacher & Advisor of Data Processing Club
Often called “Mom” by her students due to her generally kind nature.

Chiho Aikawa
Seiyuu: Ai Kayano
Classmates for Yui, Yuzuko & Yukari and the Class President
Quiet girl who admires Yui a lot & want to become friends with her, but is usually intimidated by Yuzuko & Yukari’s antics 

Kei Okano
Seiyuu: Megumi Han
Classmates for Yui, Yuzuko & Yukari and Chiho’s friend
Quite fond of Chiho & often cold towards Yui for allegedly taking Chiho away from her

Fumi Hasegawa
Seiyuu: Mana Shimizu
Classmates for Yui, Yuzuko & Yukari and Chiho & Kei’s friend
Aware of Kei’s fondness for Chiho & often teases her about it

Here is the preview:

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