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Nanatsuiro Drops ななついろ★ドロップス (Nanatsuiro★Doroppusu)


Masaharu Tsuwabuki is a normal student, though not very social. One day he meets a new student named Sumomo Akihime, and another girl named Nadeshiko Yaeno, Sumomo's close friend. That same afternoon, he suddenly bumps into Arthur, a servant of Nona Yūki from Figurare who at the time was disguised with a mask. The collision causes Arthur to drop a bag full of magical potions; amid gathering up the scattered cans, one of them is accidentally switched with Masaharu's soda can. Upon drinking it, he transforms into a stuffed animal lamb at night. He must collect seven stardrops, in order to return to normal.

There are two primary worlds within the story of Nanatsuiro Drops: the human world called Retroscena, and a magical world called Figurare from which the Stellar Spinners originate. There are currently two schools that teach magic within Figurare: Pramu Clovis and Sentou Asparas. According to Natsume, each year the two schools pick their top Stellar Spinners (the one from Pramu Clovis is called Prima Pramu, and from Sentou Asparas is called Prima Asparas) to send to the human world to capture seven stardrops in a goodwill competition to improve relations.

Genre: Comedy, Magic, Romance, Magical Girls, Spoons, Fantasy, School

Episode: 12

Original Run: July 2, 2007 – September 30, 2007

1. Shining Stars Bless☆                 [Opening]     
2. Mo.o!                                            [First Ending]     
3. Koisuru Flow Light                     [Second Ending]

1. From Me To You 
2. Datte Gyutto Love
3. One Day & Someday

1. Superior Girl
2. Net!!
3. Itsumo Futari de Hoshizora ni


1. Nanatsuiro Drops 
Published: September 30, 2006 – June 26, 2010
Volume: 6

2. Nanatsuiro Drops Pure!!
Published: April 27, 2007 – February 27, 2008
Volume: 1

Light Novel: Nanatsuiro Drops 
Published: June 30, 2006

Here is the preview:

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