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Gatchaman Crowds ガッチャマンクラウズ (Gatchaman Kurauzu)


The story takes place in the early summer of 2015 and is set in the city of Tachikawa, Japan. The city is populated by people known as Gatchaman, who are warriors that fight in special reinforced suits that are powered by the manifestation of spiritual powers of living beings called NOTE. Enter Hajime Ichinose, a 16 year old energetic high school girl who is obsessed with collecting day planners and stationary. She is chosen to become a Gatchaman and tasked with the duty of fighting a mysterious alien life form known as MESS.

Gatchaman Crowds Insight ガッチャマンクラウズ インサイト


A year has passed since the "Tachikawa Incident" in summer 2015. CROWDS -- the system that turns the mentality of humans into physical form that Berg Katze gave to Rui Ninomiya after extracting his NOTE -- has spread among the public. Prime Minister Seitarō Sugayama backs the plan, but not everyone agrees with his policy, and a mysterious organization attacks Sugayama's vehicle, marking the start of a series of new conflicts.

Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi, Aliens, Fighting, Action, Superheros

Season 1: 12 episodes + 1 Special + 1 ONA
Season 2: 12 episodes 

Original Run
Season 1: July 12, 2013 – September 27, 2013
Special: January 22, 2014
ONA: June 20, 2015
Season 2: July 4, 2015 – September 26, 2015

List of Song (directly to Anime Lyrics Blog)

Season 1: 
1. Crowds                                       [Opening]
2. Innocent Note                             [Ending]

Gatchaman Crowds Original Soundtrack
1. Gotchman ~In the Name of Love  
2. Ziel der Hydra                           
3. Un beau Leopard Violet  

Season 2:
1. Insight                             [Opening]
2. 60 Oku no Tsubasa          [Ending]       

Here is the Additional Information regarding Gatchman Crowds' Characters:-

Hajime Ichinose - Maaya Uchida
Position: G-101
Age: 16
Race: Human
Note Color: White (Known as Designer's Note)

Sugane Tachibana - Ryouta Osaka
Position: G-96
Age: 19
Race: Human
Note Color: Black (Known as Black Infinite Reach Note)

 Jou Hibiki - Daisuke Namikawa
Position : G-89
Age: 29
Race: Human
Note Color: Red (Known as Red Explosive Flame Note)

Utsutsu Miya - Kotori Koiwai
Position: G-99
Age: 15
Note Color: Chartreuse (Known as Chartreuse Note of Life & Death)  

Paiman - Aya Hirano
Position: G-3
Age: Over 300
Race: Alien
Note Color: Pink (Known as Pink Universal Transformation Note)

O.D - Daisuke Hosomi
Position: G-12
Age: Over 300
Race: Human - Alien Hybrid
Note Color: Green (Known as Green Note of Destruction)

 Rui Ninomiya - Ayumu Murase
Position: Lost Child/G-100
Age: 18
Race: Human
Note Color: Purple (Known as Purple Codec Note)

 President X - Sakura Tenge
Race: Artificial Intelligence
The large X-shaped disc attached behind Rui's back

Berg Katze - Miyano Mamoru
Age: Over 300
Race: Alien
Note Color: Gold with different Logo (Known as Gold Schadenfreude Note)
Fuse with Hajime - Note's logo changed to Gatchman Logo.

Tsubasa Mitsudachi - Kaori Ishihara
Position: G-60
Age: 16
Race: Human
Note Color: Blue (Known as Blue Flash Note)

Gelsadra - Kana Hanazawa
Age: 3/Late 20
Race: Alien

Here is the preview:

Gatchaman Crowds Insight: 

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