Sunday, 3 November 2013

C³ - Cube×Cursed×Curious C³ -シーキューブ- (Shīkyūbu)


Haruaki Yachi is a high school boy and naturally resistant to curses. His father, Honatsu, sends him cursed instruments called "Worse" to try to break this. One day, Haruaki receives a black cube from Honatsu. During the night, he encounters a naked silver-haired girl stealing rice crackers. She is the human form of the black cube, an instrument of torture called "Fear in Cube". Haruaki and the girl "Fear" fight together against other Worse instruments and their owners using Fear's 32 mechanisms of torture.

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Curses, Ecchi, 
              Fanservice, Harem, Action, Supernatural, School

Episode: 12 + 1 Special

Original Run 
Series: October 1, 2011  December 17, 2011
Special: April 25, 2011

1. Endless Story              [First Opening]
2. Hana                            [Second Opening]
3. Shirushi                       [First Ending]
4. Sympathy of Love       [Second Ending]

C3 Character Song Album
1. Ashita he
2. Atarashii Watashi
3. Ichiban Yasashii Houyou wo
4. Always with You
5. Kurokami Ryuugi. Waza Ari!
6. Someday
7. Balancing Toy
8. My Wish

Published: February 26, 2011 – January 26, 2013
Volume: 3

Light Novel: 
Published: September 10, 2007 – June 7, 2013
Volume:  17

Here is the preview:

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