Monday, 23 September 2013

Blast of Tempest 絶園のテンペスト (Zetsuen no Tenpesuto)


Mahiro Fuwa, a teenage whose family was mysteriously murdered a year ago, is contacted by Hakase Kusaribe, a young woman who stands against her clan since they left her stranded on a deserted island. As the two decided to help each other, Hakase's quest to oppose her clan brings to light that the Kusaribe clan intends to awaken the "Tree of Zetsuen" whose power can bring chaos upon the entire world. 

Yoshino Takigawa and Mahiro Fuwa are two teenagers who start a quest to help a stranded magician at the same time strange phenomenons are occurring throughout Japan. Despite being a young girl, Hakaze Kusaribe is an extremely powerful sorcerer who has been isolated from the rest of the world by the rest of her clan due to her connection to a godlike entity called the Tree of Genesis. Her brother plots to awaken the Tree of Exodus during her exile to try to reshape the world without her interference. In exchange for the help of Yoshino and Mahiro, Hakaze will help find the culprit behind the murder of Takigawa´s sister.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Mages, Magic, 

Episode: 24

Original Run: October 5, 2012 – March 29, 2013

1. Spirit Inspiration                [First Opening]
2. Daisuki no noni                 [Second Opening]
3. Happy Endings                   [First Ending]
4. Bokutachi no Uta               [Second Ending]

Zetsuen no Tempest Character Song
Vol 1. Arashi no Rhapsody
Vol 2. Hoshi no Fune

Manga: Zetsuen no Tempest
Published: July10, 2009 – October 12, 2013
Volume: 10

Here is the preview:

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