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Saint Beast セイント・ビースト~聖獣降臨編~ (Saint Beast ~Seijuu Kourin Hen~)


In the ancient past, the highest level of angels, the Six Saintly Beasts reigned supreme as the beast kings. Two of the Saint Beasts disobeyed Gods order and was sealed away in a Hellish place. Now after thousands of days and nights, the barrier has weakened and they escape. So the remaining four must go to Earth and stop them from causing trouble.

セイント・ビースト~幾千の昼と夜 編~ 
(Saint Beast ~Ikusen no Hiru to Yoru Hen~)


Long ago there was a war in Heaven which resulted in Judas and Luca – two of the six specially-chosen, talented and strong Saint Beasts – being cast out and imprisoned in Hell for leading the rebellion. But before that Heaven had been a peaceful place where the angels happily lived their lives. In this time, Judas, Luca, Goh, Shin, Rey and Gai are adolescent angels in Heaven who, on the day of Benediction, are made into adults by the supreme god Zeus. With each of the six having their own special abilities and new adult bodies to get used to, opportunities to meet each other arise and new friendships are formed.

Saint Beast: Angel Chronicles セイント・ビースト ~光陰叙事詩天使譚~ 
(Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan )


Six Angels are chosen by Zeus to be the Saint Beasts who travel to earth and stop disasters on earth. But the disasters may not be the result of demons and animals but from someone else. At the same time the once peaceful heaven starts to change with only a few noticing the evil lurking in the shadows.

Genre: Bishounen, Shounen-Ai, Action, Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, 
            Angels, Arch Angels

Season 1: 13 episodes + 2 OVA 
Season 2: 6 episodes

Original Run
Season 1: May 9, 2003 – June 13, 2003
OVA: December 17, 2005 – March 8, 2006
Season 2: April 3, 2007 – June 26, 2007

Season 1:
1. Divine Love                           [Opening]
2. Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan      [Third Ending]
3. Tsubasa Aru Mono                [Second Ending]
4. Retsu Go! Guy!                     [First Ending]

Season 2:
1. Kizuna & Sadame                     [Opening]
2. Ikusen no Hiru to Yoru             [First Ending]
3. Kokoro no Kaeru Basho           [Second Ending]

Season 3:
1. Seinaru Kemonotachi                         [Opening]
2. Owaranai Yume no Hitotoki               [First Ending]
3. Sweet Angel                                      [Second Ending]
4. Four Seasons                                     [Third Ending]
5. Bus Stop                                            [Fourth Ending]
6. Bird Cage                                           [Fifth Ending]
7. Kitty                                                    [Sixth Ending]
8. Stoic na Jyounetsu                               [Insert]
9. Black or White                                       [Insert]
10. Kiniro no Hana ga Saku Oka de          [Insert]
11. Kaze no Trinity                                     [Insert]
12. Toraware no Tenshi                             [Insert]
13. Kouri no Hijiri kon                                 [Insert]
14. Eien no Ai wa Kizamareru                    [Insert]
15. Atlas                                                    [Insert]
16. Tatakae Saint Beast                            [Insert]
17. Mayakashi no Yume                             [Insert]
18. Holy Ground ~Running Heaven~         [Insert]
19. Bloody Cross of Fire                            [Insert]
20. Hikari to Yami no Aida                          [Insert]
21. Niji no Hashi wo Koete                         [Insert]
22. Utsuro no Yume                                    [Insert]
23. Kouya no Kaze                                    [Insert]
24. Ai to Iu Na no Arashi                            [Insert]

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