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K Project


Yashiro Isana has lived a relatively ordinary, simple life. He lives in the technology-advanced Shizume City and attends Ashinaka High School, a notable high school that is located on an island just outside the areas. Yashiro is friendly with everyone. Nothing ever seems wrong about him, except perhaps his habit of forgetting where his school-issued PDA is.

However, nothing normal has been happening since the recent murder of Tatara Totsuka, prominent member of the infamous HOMRA. No one knows who exactly killed him but the man responsible bears an uncanny, identical appearance to Yashiro. Seeking vengeance, the Red Clansmen of HOMRA set out to get Yashiro and kill him.

Everyone suspects that Yashiro is the murderer. But whether the guilt is his is not clear.

K: Missing Kings


In the aftermath of the loss of the Silver and Red Kings, Kuroh and Neko continues to look for Shiro, whom they believe is still alive. Meanwhile, HOMRA members have dispersed, leaving Yata and Rikio to take care of what's left along with Anna, whose powers became unstable. As the Green Clan makes their appearance and kidnaps Anna, the remaining members of Silver and Red Clans unite to save her and to hopefully discover the outcome of having lost their Missing Kings.

K: Returns of Kings 


In modern Japan there are seven "Kings" who share power with their fellow clansmen. The Blue King Reishi Munakata, the leader of the Blue Clan "Scepter 4," held great responsibilities on his back. The tower that Gold King Daikaku Kokujōji supervised called the "Dresden Slate" was still on his mind, and he felt a great burden by killing the previous Red King, Mikoto Suoh. On the other hand, the former Red Clan "HOMRA" clansman Anna Kushina experienced the attacks from the Green Clan "Jungle" and awakened as the next Red King. By doing this, she bound her comrades through a strong bond once again. Finally, White Clan members Neko and Kuroh believe that the White King Yashiro is still alive, and seek his whereabouts. However, it was not just them searching for the White King. With "Jungle" once again jumping back into action, the fates of the various Kings are brought together.

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Drama, Comedy, Magic, Mystery, 
           Sci-Fi, Amnesia, Bishounen, Catgirl, Clans, Kings,              
           Superpowers, Tragedy, Fanservice, Futuristic School

Season 1: 13 Episodes + 1 Movie 
Season 2: 13 Episodes + 6 Movies

Original Run
Season 1: October 4, 2012 – December 27, 2012
Movie: July 12, 2014
Season 2: October 3, 2015 – December 26, 2015
Movie: Schedule to be air on July 2018

List of Songs (directly to Anime Lyrics Blog)

Season 1:
1. Kings                                       [Opening]
2. Tsumetai Hiya, Hitori               [First Ending]
3. Circle of Friends                     [Second Ending]
4. To be with U!                           [Third Ending]
5. Aoi no Eishi (Roudoku)              [Insert  7]
6. Circle of Friends                        [Insert  6]
7. HAPPY DAYS?                            [Insert  1]
8. Heart in Blue                            [Insert  8]
9. Honoo no Katachi                       [Insert  9]
10. Itsuka no Zero Kara                  [Insert  2]
11. Legend Daidokoro                     [Insert  2]
12. Neko no Uta                             [Insert  3 & 6]
13. Requiem of Red                        [Insert  13]
14. Wild Crow                                [Insert 5]
15. Requiem of Red ~Angela ver.     [Insert]
16. Kyoukai sen Set Me Free            [Insert]

1. Different Color                                  [Opening]
2. Requiem of Red ~Anna Ver.              [Ending]

Season 2:
1. Asymmetry                      [Opening]
2. Solution                          [First Ending]
3. KIZUNA                           [Second Ending]

1. I Beg Your Hate
2. Tales of Black Dog
3. Stand in the Wildereness
4. Tales of Hermit
5. Shunkashutou
6. This is LOVE


1. K: Memory of Red
Published: May 28, 2012 – July 27, 2013
Volume: 3

2. K: Stray Dog Story
Published: November 7, 2012 – March 7, 2013
Volume: 1

3. K: Days of Blue
Published: October 28, 2013 – July 28, 2014
Volume: 2

4. K: The First
Published: December 18, 2013  April 18, 2015
Volume: 3

5. Gakuen K
Published: June 13, 2014  January 18, 2016
Volume: 4

6. K: Countdown
Published: December 27, 2014  July 28, 2015
Volume: 2

7. K: Missing Kings
Published: April 18, 2015  August 18, 2015
Volume: 1

8. K: Dreams of Green
Published: September 28, 2015  February 27, 2016
Volume: 1

9. K: Return of Kings
Published: October 17, 2015  February 18, 2017
Volume: 2

10. K: Lost Small World
Published: June 13, 2014  June 13, 2016
Volume: 3

11. K: Dog & Cat
Published: May 18, 2015  November 18, 2015
Volume: 1

Light Novel

1. K Side: Blue
Published: October 19, 2012
Volume: 1

2. K Side: Red
Published: November 16, 2012
Volume: 1

3. K Side: Black & White
Published: May 21, 2013
Volume: 1

4. K: Lost Small World
Published: April 1, 2014
Volume: 1

5. K: Ao no Jikenbo
Published: October 2, 2015 – December 16, 2015
Volume: 2

6. K Side: Green
Published: November 1, 2016
Volume: 1

Here is the Additional Information regarding the Dresden Slate:

Is a mysterious stone that appears to be source of Auras and various Swords of Damocles used by the KINGS.

Under the control of Daikaku Kokujouji, the power of Dresden Slate being limited only the Kanto Region. However, its power influence extended to global level when Nagare Hisui unleashed its full potential.

Here is the Additional Information regarding the KINGS:

Are those that the Dresden Slate bestows its power upon.
The ability is the same for all KINGS of each colour; however the Colorless King’s ability is differs with each new successor.

There are 7 Kings in this anime namely Silver King (Adolf K. Weismann/Yashiro Isana), Gold King (Daikaku Kokujouji), Red King (Genji Kagutsu > Mikoto Suoh > Anna Kushina), Blue King (Habari Jin > Reisi Munakata), Green King (Nagare Hisui), Grey King (Seigo Ootori/Tenkei Iwafune) & Colorless King (Ichigen Miwa > Colorless King(Fox-like Entity)).

Here is the Additional Information regarding the Sword of Damocles :

Is the symbols of the KINGS which was made of pure energy whereby manifesting into a gigantic sword that hovers above the KINGS’ head whenever they use their power.

Each sword have their very own unique design and are distinguished from each other by the Aura that pulsates around them.

When the swords starts to crumble & decay, it’s considered dangerous and is a sign of the owner of being losing control over his/her power. The sword shows the truest image of its KING’s condition.

Below are the type of KINGS’ Sword of Damocles:-

Mainly white & silvery in color
A long blade & grip has a curving, long segment of it that curvers from left side to just a bit farther than the middle of the blade on the right side. 
Orbs representing all the seven KINGly Colors (The Silver orb is in the centre of the cross guard, and the Gold orb settles in the middle of the blade directly below the Silver orb. On the curved sides of the cross guard are the Red (right side) and Blue (left side) orbs. On the right, above the red orb, is the Colourless orb set on a tiny curving. The top of the handle contains the Green orb, and near the tip of the sword is the orb of the Grey King)

Mainly gold in color with purple orb decorating the hilt
A large blade with intrigue patterns decorating it and a thin grip and decorated with a cross guard which protecting the side of the grip

A sword with an irregular blade which bend near the tip of the blade and porous near the hilt. The cross guard has a red orb in the middle with the guard protruding to the side. It also has a swirl like shape as a grip

An appearance reminiscent to a rapier and mainly blue in color.
The blade has an intrigue design with a blue orb decorating the hilt and the sword guard protruding in the "V" shape. It has a thin sword grip with a protector circling around it

A circular cross guard has a green orb in the centre, with a rather geometric guard expanding from a barred, diamond-shaped structure that slims down towards the end. A pendulum also swings from a pivot within the cross guard. Its blade is very irregular, with its first half protruding more out of the right side and the bottom half alternating to the left side.

A slim blade with the handle curving downwards, and appears to a very misty in its properties. Much of its handle features elaborate curvature, and the centre's orb glows bright white. Befitting of its King, the sword strongly resembles a cross. It forms out of the Grey King's mist, and in natural lighting, the mist appears in red, orange, yellow green, blue, and violet.

A claw-like structure, similar to a trident,has a dark stone in its center, and is mainly black in color.

Here is the Additional Information regarding the Aura:

A special power used by the members of each of the Seven KING Clans. The Aura of a person depends on which Clan they belong to.

There are 7 clans, each lead by a King who is representing by a color.

Possesses silver colored Aura
Ability of manipulating gravity while immortality is grated solely to the Silver King.
Silver King able to levitate himself & others who he synced his Aura with by turning them into his clansmen.

Possesses golden colored Aura
Ability enhances individuals’ talents to their full potential while Gold King able to manifest its Aura in the form of Astronomical objects and use them to attack targets.

Possesses red colored Aura
Has fire-based characteristics with a very destructive force to it, and can incinerate almost any and everything in its path.

Possesses blue colored Aura
Ability to strike opponents in quick succession and can attack multiple areas at once, they are also able to draw their Aura into their swords for combat.
Primarily for defensive uses.
While Blue King has the ability to “repair” physical objects, although the true meaning of this is not entirely known.

Possesses green colored Aura
Ability to induce electricity and shoot the targets and ability of a sort of manipulation of physics which allows them to phase through objects and also walk horizontally on vertical surfaces. These powers only granted to esteemed members.
Power wise, the Green King's Aura is currently one of, if not the most, powerful.

Possesses grey colored Aura
Ability to create fog and mist and it was regarded as having the characteristic of "absolute defense".

Possesses this grey-coloured Aura, however  Clansmen do not appear to have the same coloured Aura.
Aura properties appear to vary between Clansmen and are confirmed to vary with each different King
Ichigen Miwa  possessed the power of clairvoyance, while the Colorless King was able to possess and affect people, even Kings..

A clansman is not obliged to obey the King. Transferring from one clan to another is possible. However, it's usually considered that a clansman is bound only to one type of Aura, while the Aura of his previous clan vanishes after the transfer. Exceptions do occur on these guys:-

Saruhiko Fushimi – have all three types of Auras whereby Red Aura remained in him even after he received his Blue Aura and Green Aura after joining Green Clan.

Kuroh Yatogami – Able to manifest Colorless and Silver Auras

Yukari Mishakuji – Able to manifest Colorless and Green Auras

Here is the preview:

K~Missing Kings~:

K~Returns of Kings~:

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