Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ixion Saga Dimensional Transfer イクシオン サーガ DT (Ikushion Sāga Dī Tī)


Kon is a normal teenage boy who is spends his time playing a MMRPG where he is going nowhere, that is, until a girl in the game asks him for his help in the "real world" and he agrees. Then he does go somewhere - where, he isn't sure, but it is a fantasy setting much like the game, though nothing looks familiar. He saves a princess and her followers upon his arrival from the sky, when he lands squarely upon the leader of the group threatening them. He ends up joining the princess's group as he searches for a way back to his own world.

Genre: Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Cross-Dressing, Virtual Reality,                    
            Otaku, Parody, Online Computer Gaming, Adventure

Episode: 25

Original Run: October 6, 2012 – March 30, 2013
1. DT Suteru                             [Opening]
2. Let’s Go ED                          [First Ending]
3. DT Ondo                              [Second Ending]
4. Stand Up! ED                       [Third Ending]

Ixion Saga DT Cherry Best of DT
1. DT
2. Docchi Tsukazu no Dynamite
3. Nyami
4. Kemono no Uta
5. Zettai Fukujuu

Ixion Saga DT Golden Best of ED
1. OO Tama
2. M no Uta
3. Subete Ore no Mono
4. Itsumo Anata o
5. Batsu Ichi


1. Ixion Saga Erekpyle Dukakis
Published: September 28, 2012  December 28, 2013
Volume: 2

2. Ixion Saga
Published: October 9, 2012  May 9, 2013
Volume: 2

Light Novel: Ixion Saga Touzoku no Youheidan
Published: November 2, 2012
Volume: 1

Here is the preview:

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