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La storia della Arcana Famiglia アルカナ・ファミリア (Arukana Famiria)


Felicitá is the one-and-only daughter of the Papa of the organization, maybe even mafia, known as the Arcana Famiglia. The Famiglia is made up of people who have made contracts with the Arcane cards, and have received special abilities due to this. The Papa has decided it's time for him to retire and give up his seat to a new male who has control over an Arcane. To decide who in the "family" gets this seat, he calls for a tournament between Arcane users. To the winner, he promises the "Papa" seat, a wish of the winner's choice...and his daughter's hand in marriage. Refusing to accept this, Felicitá decides to fight to choose her own path, with her friends Liberta and Nova fighting for her freedom by her side.

Genre: Romance, Action, Tarot Cards, Comedy, Adventure, Drama, 
            Bishounen, Mafia, Reverse Harem, Special Abilities, 

Episode: 12 + 1 OVA

Original Run
Series: July 1, 2012 – September 16, 2012
OVA: March 27, 2013

1. Magenta Another Sky              [Opening]
2. Pieces of Treasure                    [Ending]
3. Akogare Loop                           [Insert]

Manga: Arcana Famiglia: Amore Mangiare Cantare!
Published: October 22, 2011 – April 22, 2014
Volume: 4

Here is the Additional Information regarding Voice Actor/Seiyuu:

Felicita – Mamiko Noto
Daughther of Mondo and Sumire
Leader of the Swords
#6 Arcana – The Lover (Front Chest)
Gli Amanti
#10 Arcana – The Wheel of Fortune (Back Chest)
La Ruota Della Fortuna

Liberta – Jun Fukuyama
Soldier of Intelligence Division
#0 Arcana – The Fool (Forehead)
 Ii Matto

Nova – Tsubasa Yonaga
Captain of the Holy Grail
Felicita’s Childhood Friend & Cousin
#13 Arcana – The Death (Back of his Neck)
 La Morte

Debito – Hiroyuki Yoshino
Bipolar Captain of the Coins
Pace and Luca’s Childhood Friend
#9 Arcana – The Hermit (Near his ankle)

Pace – Tomokazu Sugita
Captains of the Wands
Debito and Luca’s Childhood Friend
#11 Arcana – The Strengths (Hand)
La Forza

Luca – Yuichi Nakamura
Felicita’s Personal Butler
Jolly’s Son
Debito and Pace’s Childhood Friend
#14 Arcana – Temperance (Tongue)
La Temperanza

Dante – Jurota Kosugi
Head Captain of the Arcana Famiglia
#4 Arcana – The Emperor (Head)

Jolly – Koji Yusa
Arcana Famiglia’s Counselor
Mondo’s right-handed man
Luca’s Father
#18 Arcana – The Moon (Right Eye)
La Luna

Mondo – Fumihiko Tachiki
Leader of Arcana Famiglia (Papa)
Felicita’s Father & Sumire’s Husband
#21 Arcana – The World
Ii Mondo

Sumire – Kikuko Inoue
Mondo’s Wife (Mama)
Felicita’s Mother
#20 Arcana – The Judgement
Ii Giudizio

Elmo – Misato Fukuen
Artificial Child (Created & Raised by Jolly)
#16 Arcana – The Tower
La Torre

Here is the preview:


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