Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Campione! カンピオーネ! (Kanpiōne!)


Godō Kusanagi is a 16-year-old high school boy, who once killed the god "Verethragna" and acquired the title of "Campione" ("God Killer") when he was 15. Erica Brandelli is a 16-year-old Italian girl, who is a "Great Knight" of the magic society "Bronze Black Cross" and had fought together with Godo to defeat Verethragna. Godo doesn't like fighting but his title of "Campione" makes him get involved in battles against other Campiones and uncontrollable gods.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Divinity, Fanservice, Gods, 
            Harem, Comedy, Action, Ecchi, Supernatural

Episode: 13

Original Run: July 6, 2012  September 28, 2012

1. Brave Blade!             [Opening]
2. Raise                            [Ending]

Manga: Campione! 
Published: October 25, 2011  April 25, 2013
Volume: 3

Light Novel

Published: September 2008  November 22, 2017
Volume: 21

2.Campione! Blu-Ray Special Stories
Published: September 26, 2012  March 27, 2013
Volume: 7

Here is the preview:

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