Monday, 2 July 2012

Dazzle 破天荒遊戯 (Hatenkō Yūgi)


A young girl named Rahzel is abruptly sent off to see the world by her eccentric, doting father. She is alone on her travels until she meets Alzeid, an attractive, mysterious loner on a mission to avenge his father's murder. After aiding Alzeid in retrieving his stolen gun from a thief, Rahzel decides to follow Alzeid promising that she would make his "lousy and boring" life "more interesting and fun!" Alzeid grudgingly acknowledges that Rahzel will be traveling with him from now on. Soon after, a womanizing acquaintance of Alzeid's named Baroqueheat joins in their adventure.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, 
            Supernatural, Romance

Episode: 10

Original Run: January 5, 2008 – March 7, 2008

1. Te no Naka no Eien                           [Ending]
2. Heartbreaking Romance                [Opening]

Manga: Hatenkkou Yuugi
Published: November 18, 1999 – Ongoing
Volume: 19

Here is the preview:

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