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The Vision of Escaflowne 天空のエスカフローネ(Tenkū no Esukafurōne)


High school student Hitomi is transported from Earth to the magical world of Gaea, where she meets boy prince Van Fanel, and is caught up in his quest to unite the countries of Gaea against the ominous Zaibach empire. On the way, she discovers a hidden ability and strives to unravel layers of mystery surrounding Van, his past, and the giant machine known as Escaflowne.

The Vision of Escaflowne Movie 天空のエスカフローネ映画 
(Tenkū no Esukafurōne Movie)

Hitomi Kanzaki is in a very depressed mood. She only wants to sleep and fade away. Her misery summons Lord Folken who sends her to Gaea. The people of Gaea think she is the Wing Goddess, who can call upon the legendary Dragon Armor called Escaflowne. On Gaea, King Van, the sole survior of the White Dragon Clan, is also in a depressed state. Swearing an oath to get his revenge on the Black Dragon Clan that oblierated Van's kingdom, he lives by the sword. Now that the Wing Goddess has finally appeared, she posseses Gaea's world fate in her heart. Escaflowne will either lead Gaea to peace or total ruin.

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha, Romance, Drama, Other World

Episode: 26 +1 Movie

Original Run
Series: April 2, 1996 – September 24, 1996
Movie: June 24, 2000

1. Dance of Curse                       [BGM]

2. Yakusoku wa Iranai                 [Opening]
3. Sora's Folktale                         [Insert]  
4. Perfect World                           [Insert]  
5. Mystic Eyes                              [Ending]
6. White Dove                               [Insert]
7. Romance                                  [BGM]

8. What'cha Gonna Do?            [Insert]
9. Fatal                                       [BGM]

10. Dance of Curse II                 [BGM]

11. Memory of Fanelia               [BGM]

12. Sora                                     [Insert]
13. Shadow of Doubt                 [BGM]

14. Arcadia                                 [Insert]
15. Aoi Hitomi                             [Insert]
16. Ask the Owl                           [BGM]

17. We're Flying                         [BGM]

18. Black Escaflowne                 [BGM]

19. Deja Blue                             [BGM]

20. You're Not Alone                   [Insert]
21. The Story of Escaflowne      [BGM]

22. The Vision of Escaflowne     [Insert]
23. Into Gaia                                 [Insert]
24. Short Notice                           [BGM]

25. Epistle                                   [BGM]

26. Medicine Eater                     [Insert]
27. A Far Cry                               [BGM]

1. First Vision                          [BGM]

2. Yubiwa                                   [Ending]
3. Call Your Name                    [Opening]
4. Tree of hearts                       [BGM]


1. The Vision of Escaflowne
Published: October 24, 1994 – November 26, 1997
Volume: 8

2. Messiah Knight: The Vision of Escaflowne
Published: April 8, 1996 – January 18, 1997
Volume: 2

3. Escaflowne: Energist's Memories
Published: January 8, 1997
Volume: 1

Light Novel: The Vision of Escaflowne
Published: June 1996 – August 1997
Volume: 6

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  1. Can you share some interesting reverse harem anime like diabolik lovers, conflict brothers and uta no prince sama series..?I would really appreciate it. Thanking.

    1. HI PhoebeCsl,
      if you don't mind the older series, you can look into Pretear, Ouran High School Host Club, Harukanaru Toki no Nakade Hachiyosho, Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichizoku Kinetograph(OVA), Denpa Teki na Kanajo (OVA) while you can also look into the latest one: Kamigami no Asobi & Amnesia,