Friday, 15 June 2012

Super Yo-Yo 超速スピナー (Chosoku Spinner)


Shunichi Domoto is a talented sportive 5th grade boy who is used to help sport teams in his school. He enters a Yoyo duel against a bully boy called Benkei to help his friend, Beso, to get back his Yoyo which was stolen by the bully. He beated him up, but after that he meets the exceptionally gifted Yoyoer, Seito Hojoin who beated him up because he ridiculed Yoyo game .So, Shunichi enters the Japan`s Yoyo championship to get his revenge from Seito. Throughout This Championship, He earns new Yoyoing Skills and meets powerful rivals.

Genre: Tournaments, Yo-yo, Comedy, Action, Sports

Episode:  22

Original Run:  November 30, 1998 – September 10, 1999

1. Someday Let’s Go Together               [First Opening]
2. Loop & Loop                                    [Second Opening]
3. Future                                                [Ending]

Manga: Chosoku Spinner
Published: November 15, 1997 – July 15, 2000
Volume: 7

Here is the preview:

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