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Marchen Awakens Romance メルヘヴン (Meru)


Ginta is a Japanese high school boy who often fantasizes about a land known as MÄR Heaven. One day, he is mysteriously summoned to the imaginary land, which in fact turned out to be real. Upon reaching there, he learns of powerful weapons known as Arms that exist in MÄR Heaven. With the companions and friends that he meets during his travels, the group seeks to destroy the Chess, a faction led by the mysterious Phantom, which is determined to bring about MÄR Heaven’s Ultimate Demise for reasons unknown.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance, Tournaments, 
             Other Dimension, Summon

Episode: 102

Original Run: April 3, 2005 – March 25, 2007

1. Kono Te wo Nobaseba                             [Eighth Ending]
2. Kaze to Rainbow                                   [Fourth Opening]
3. Mou Kokoro Yuretari Shinaide               [Seventh Ending]
4. Koyoi Eden no Katasumi de                      [Sixth Ending]
5. Yume Hanabi                                          [Third Opening]
6. Miracle                                                  [Fifth Ending]
7. Sakurairo                                              [Fourth Ending]
8. Haredokei                                             [Second Opening]
9. Mainichi Adventure                                   [Third Ending]
10. Fukigen ni Naru Watashi                      [Second Ending]
11. Kimi no Omoi Egaita Yume Atsumeru Heaven  [First Opening]
12. I Just Wanna Hold You Tight                         [First Ending]


1. MÄR
Published: May 2003 – July 2006
Volume: 15

2. MÄR Omega
Published: September 2006 – June 13, 2007
Volume: 4

Here is the Additional Information of Babbo’s Transformation:

Version 1A: Hammer ÄRM 

* Babbo merge together with Ginta's fist to create a metal ball (hammer). 
* Babbo can telepathically communicate with Ginta.
* For close range fighting.

Version 1B: Dagger ÄRM 

* Babbo merge together with Ginta's fist to create a metal dagger.
* Babbocan telepathically communicate with Ginta.
* For close range fighthing.

Version 2: Bubble Launcher

* Babbo turns into a gun that enable Ginta to fire exploding bubbles that
  look like Babbo.
* For long range fighting or as a cover.

Version 3: Gargoyle

* Babbo turns into a giant Gargoyle creature that levitates with a giant
  crystal as his lower waist and hold a ring in this mouth.
* Use the ring to fire a strong beam that uses a lot of magical power.
* Ginta can't move when he uses this power as it is very dangerous, if any 
  reckless move, Ginta will lost his sanity (means his spirit energy will be 
* First sighted in the underground lake defeating Girom, and blast a way
  out for the lost souls of an old ship to escape.
* Used in Gate of Training when he was with Snow.
* Used to send magical energy to Allan when Saturn place a cursed on

Version 4: Alice

* Babbo turns into an angelic female Holy ÄRMs which uses healing
  magic, where is effective for counter-attack and protection against
  Darkness ÄRMs.
* Becomes embarrassed when he transform into this form.
* First sighted when battling with Kannochi.
* Used to undo the curses placed on Ed/Alan and Alviss (fails to reverse
  the spell on Alviss).
* Jack and Nanahi think Alice is beautiful.

Version 5: Cushion Jelly

* Babbo turns into a giant pudding that covers Ginta entirely and absorbs
  all physically destructive attacks used by the enemy.
* However, this move will render Ginta motionless.
* First sighted when his second battle with Girom during the War Games.

Version 6: Puss in Boots

* Babbo turns into a giant Puss in Boots, gaining immerse speed, 4 knives 
   with one hidden knife in each boot and the ability to use other ÄRMs.
* First sighted during his final fight with Phantom. It has the 
  following ÄRMs:-
   a. Fresh Bonito: A fish weapon ÄRM - may seem weak but was strong
       enough to best Phantom Guardian III, Drei.
   b. Mr. Replacer: a unique Doll ÄRM - has to replace Ginta with the doll 
       whenever he's hit. Puss in Boot seems to have 3 dolls. 

Version 7: (False) GateKeeper Clown

* Babbo transform into an exact replica of the Gate Keeper Clown, 
  allowing a certain number of people, determined by the dice roll of 
  the Gate Keeper, to go into a real world from MÄR Heaven.
* Ginta and his dad meet up with Kyouki and return home.
* In anime, Ginta finds another Gate-Keeper Crown in a shop.

Version 8: Omega Gargoyle (anime only)

* Same form of Version 3
* Made to get stronger with the hopes and dreams with every person 
  in MÄR Heaven.

Here is the Additional Information regarding ÄRMs:

* Artifacts known to every resident which born in thee land of MÄR Heaven and used by them, almost all for a variety of purposes.
* Since 1st Marchen War, their weaponry efficiency in warfare matters was introduced, and from then forth it's been popularized.
* The creation originated in the magic kingdom, Kaldea, along with its magical counterpart, the magic stones. They were manufactured by the wizards through the use of special metallurgy, giving them the extraordinary power in the form of normal accessories.
* Can almost and always be "upgraded" with magic stones as they contain the abilities of the other ÄRMs as well as magical power to boost any ÄRMs' abilities.
* Varies in strength & appearances as well as are divided into many kinds:-

a. Simple ÄRMs - are little more than simple tools when active.
b. Holy ÄRMs - posses the power to heal and undo curses inflicted by the 
    Darkness ÄRMs and also known as known as Sacred ÄRMs.
c. Weapon ÄRMs - are used as weapons in battle.
d. Darkness ÄRMs - are powerful artifacts typically used to curse people and 
    usually the user needs to pay the cost.
e. Dimension ÄRMs - can teleports anyone to different places, create pocket 
    dimensions, and occasionally allow someone to watch scenes happening 
    far away.
f. Guardian ÄRMs - summon a monster or a 'guardian' of some sort to protect 
   the user. As long as the guardian is active, the ÄRMs user must stay the 
   vary spot when he/she summoned it.
g. Nature ÄRMs - are used for certain elemental attacks or enhancing a 
    body's physical performance. 
h. Ghost ÄRMs - attach to the user's body and allows the user to use his/her 
    body as a living weapon.
i. Unique ÄRMs - are any ÄRMs that can't be categorized under the above 
   classes, such as Babbo.

* ÄRMs' power depends largely upon the user's aptitude - mentally, physically and above all magically; one must have magical power - without it, the user is incapable of using powerful ÄRMs, or in case he/she uses weak ÄRMs, the effect is minimal. 
* That one born of magicless blood (therefore with no such innate capacity) can have magical power as per follow options:-

a. either training compatibility with ÄRMs (example: using ÄRMs in 
    multiple fights) or synchronizing with it - to think ÄRMs is a part of the body
b. required 'sixth sense' - the stronger the sense, the more consummate an 
    user one will become. When the user can fully synchronize with the ÄRM, 
    he befits the title of ÄRM user - as he fights, his magical power will 
    increase, as will the power of ÄRM in accordance with it. However, it can 
    be fatal flaw to those who use elemental Nature ÄRMs: as one 
    synchronizes with them, one's physical state is highly susceptible to 
    the ÄRM's element's anti-elementals (example: fire weakens ice), which 
    will eventually exhaust the two remaining factors in a chain-reaction.

Here is the preview:


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