Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cluster Edge クラスターエッジ (Kurasutā Ejji)


Agate Fluorite is the new transfer student at the elite school, "Cluster E.A.", in which the sons of many prestigious families from different countries gather to study together. Soon after, Agate's unexpected antics and enthusiasm in life impress many of his schoolmates, including Beryl Jasper, an honor student who is bored with his current way of life. However, unknown to Agate, he was born with a secret power that can create miracles.

Genre: Military, Sci-Fi, Action, Bishounen, Fantasy

Episode: 25 + 3 Special

Original Run
Series: October 4, 2005 – March 28, 2006
Special: September 22, 2006

1. Kimi to Iu na no Hikari                   [First Ending]
2. Fly High                                        [First Opening]
3. Bokutachi no Kiseki              [Second Opening]
4. Kokoro no tsubomi                  [Second Ending]

Manga: Cluster Edge
Published: 2006
Volume: 2

Here is the Additional Information regarding Voice Actor/Seiyuu:

Hiro Shimono - Agate Fluorite

Jun Fukuyama - Beryl Jasper

Daisuke Kishio - Fon Aina Sulfur 

Hiroyuki Yoshino - Chrome 

Here is the preview:

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