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Bus Gamer ビズゲーマー (Bizu Gēmā)


When three complete strangers, Mishiba Toki, Nakajyo Nobuto and Saitoh Kazuo, are hired by a corporation to compete in the Bus Game, an illegal dog-fight conducted in strict secrecy, they are given the team code of "Team AAA" (Triple Anonymous). Groups of three who differ entirely from their living environments to their personalities have to work together effectively, but without mutually wiping out their mistrust of each other or prying into each other's privacy. They only have one point in common - each of them need a large amount of money for their individual circumstances. To get the money, they must play in the game despite their very own lives being at stake.

Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Action, Drama, Action

Episode: 3

Original Run: March 14, 2008 – March 28, 2008

1. Train                  [Ending]
2. No Name           [Opening]

Bus Gamer - Vocal File OST
1. Real
2. Half-Moon
3. Crow
4. Stage


1. Bus Gamer: The Pilot Edition
Published: 1999 – November 28, 2001
Volume: 1

2. Bus Gamer
Published: March 9, 2006 – April 9, 2009
Volume: 1

Here is the Additional Information Regarding the Character:

美柴 鴇 Mishiba Toki 
Voiced by: Suzumura Kenichi

Age: 22
Birthday: February 14, 1989
Residency: Shizuoka prefecture
Mishiba is a student at a Design trade school. He was raised in an Aikodo dojo, resulting in him excelling at martial arts; he is a second degree black belt in karate; fourth in Aikido; and first in Kendo. He is short, lanky, reticent, and has an expressionless appearance. He barely talks, but he is always sleepy or hungry, and would sometimes just zone out. He works part-time as a tape copier and as a bartender at a bar where his surrogate older brother is the manager, who is the only person he confides in. He lives alone in a one room apartment, and the circumstances of his family are unknown, though it seems he had a twin brother named "Shigi". His favorite food is salmon, and when he eats salmon onigiri his mood gets better, though he does not show it.

中条 伸人 Nakajyo Nobuto  
Voiced by: Suwabe Junichi

Age: 24
Birthday: March 23, 1987
Residency: Chiba prefecture
Special Skill: Strategy games, theft, street fighting (received training during his gang tenure)
Nakajyo is a college student, and is part of a medical faculty. He is his family's third son, and the heir to a serious illness hospital. However, due to his delinquent attitude and willingness to shed other's blood, he has been legally disowned, and currently does not go to college. He is tall and muscular, and usually has his hair covering his eyes. He lives in a six-foot apartment, where a different woman is usually present whenever he is there.
Cool and completely realistic, he is a nihilist who has great confidence in himself. However, he is good at taking care of people, and as the eldest, he exists as the leader of AAA. He has experience in brawls rather than grappling, and he does not hesitate in the face of violence. Although he has accepted equal responsibility as an active team member, he shows signs of the possibility that he might abandon AAA if it was to his personal advantage. He likes to drink alcohol, and is a heavy smoker. He holds 2 or more jobs at a day labor place as a manual laborer, works as a lecturer in a shogi classroom, and is also a guard.

斉藤 一雄 Saitō Kazuo
Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi

Age: 18
Birthday: July 18, 1992
Residency: Tokyo
Saito is a senior in high school, making him the youngest of the team despite his height. He is the only son of the Saito house, and helps run a small electronics store. He lost both of his parents at a very young age, though he still has a very carefree and energetic attitude. Though Nakajyo and Mishiba initially find him irritating, they grow quite fond of him, but since he does not have any physical strength, he is usually a burden to them during fights. However, he is, in fact, good with electronics and machines, and excels at the ability to reason through puzzles and memory problems. His favorite foods are hamburgers and spaghetti. He also works as the convenience store clerk at his school.

Here is the preview:

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