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Gakuen Alice 学園アリス (Gakuen Arisu)


In a small country school, Sakura Mikan and Imai Hotaru are classmates and best friends - in their own way. Ditzy, emotional Mikan seems ill-matched with aloof, emotionless Hotaru, yet they are together all the time... until Hotaru gets called away to study at the strange and forbidding Alice Academy. In her anguish at being left behind, Mikan finally decides to follow her friend - and doing so, she makes a strange discovery.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Supernatural, Magical Girls, Mischief, 
            School, Drama, Magic

Episode: 26

Original Run: 30 October 2004 – 14 May 2005

1. Shiawase no Niji                                        [Ending]
2. Pika Pika no Taiyo                                  [Opening]
3. Venus                                                        [Insert]
4. Lazy Love Guilty Love                               [Insert]


1. Gakuen Alice
Published: February 19, 2003 – June 20, 2013
Volume: 31

2. Kageki no Kuni no Alice
Published: December 4, 2015 – September 20, 2017
Volume: 3

Here is the Additional Information regarding the Type of Alices:

1.     Latent Type (潜在能力 Senzai-nōryoku)
     * Most common in school.
     * Involve powers that connected to ESP abilities.
     * Most well-documented class
     * Examples: Teleportation & Telekinesis

2.     Technical Type (技術 Gijutsu)
      * Appear when the individual performs a certain activity.
      * Based on technology and research fileds.
      * Examples: Plant Manipulation, Invention & Cooking

3.     Somatic Type (体質 Taishitsu)
     * Manifests itself physically.
     * Based on the bodies of humans, animals, and other living things.
     * Appear in the form of pheromone or physical ability.
     * Examples: Super Speed & Human Pheromone

4.     Special Ability (特別能力 Toku-ryoku)
     * Do not fit easily into any of the other 3 classes.
     * Their power are different and the class in mixed
     * Some of the rarest Alices belong to this class.
     * Examples: Amplification Alice, Doppelganger Alice, Nullification Alice & 
       Shadow Manipulation Alice.

5.     Dangerous Ability (危険能力 Kiken-nōryoku)
     * Considered extra type.
     * The Alices are so strong until they being looked as a treat to the school.
     * This class is very different from the others and could also be described 
       as an occult.
     * Used the elementary principal & Persona, and are used to perform
       secret mission for the school
     * Only 6 students in the class (not including Persona)
     * Examples: Mark of Death Alice, Ice Alice, Possession of Evil Spirits Alice, 
       Insect-controlling Alice, Wind Alice, Curse Alice & Fire Alice.
     * Tsubasa & Mikan are the newest additions to the class. Mikan was  
       moved into the class so the Elementary Principle could gain use of her   
       Stealing Alice, but she does not take part in missions as the other 

Here is the Additional Information regarding the Type of Alice Shape:

Every Alice is categorized into 4 shapes which is specify on how it manifests itself in the person. These may vary depending on the character themselves.

Childhood: The Alice disappears after the child starts to mature into an adult.
Diffuse: The Alice is always available, but at a relatively low power level.
Intermittent: The Alice can only be used for a short period of time, but at a 
                    relatively high power level.
Life-Shortening: The Alice is very powerful & can be used as often as much 
                          as desired, but the more of the Alice being used, the more 
                          the user's body deteriorates and life span shortens, and 
                          eventually the used will die as early death

Here is the Additional Information regarding the Star-Ranking:

* An evaluation system was used by Academy to judge a student's 
   schoolwork, Alice level and attitude.
* There are 5 rankings which indicates by the number of gold stars on the 
   students' collar.

No Star
- Students who are below than average
- This rank is reserved mainly for children, and is not enough to graduate beyond the Elementary School Division.

- Students who are approximately average.
- Most of students in the Elementary School Division have this rank.
- Required to graduate from the Elementary School Division.
- Examples: Mikan Sakura & Youichi Hijiri

- Students who are above average, but still are not exceptionally advanced at either their studies or use of their Alice.
- Required to graduate from the Middle School Division.
- Examples: Sumire Shouda & Kokoryomi

- Students who are usually considered "overachievers" & tend to excel at thier studies or use of their Alice, or both.
- Required to graduate from the High School Divisions.
- Examples: Hotaru Imai, Yuu Tobita & Ruka Nogi

- Students who are considered the best of the best, signified by a label in the shape of a star enclosed in a circle (though rarely seen in the anime).
- Students of this rank excel tremendously in their Alice and, if they care, their studies. Also known as the "Principal Students".
- Examples: Natsume Hyuuga, Subaru Imai & Shuuichi Sakurano.

* Based on the star ranking, students are given dictates their accommodations, their food, their allowances, their responsibilities, & their ability to graduate.

Each star ranking has its own monthly allowance rate:-
No Star: 3 Rabbits (equal to about 500 yen or 5 US Dollar)
Single: 30 Rabbits (equal to about 3000 yen or 38 US Dollar)
Double: 50 Rabbits (equal to about 5000 yen or 64 US Dollar)
Triple: 100 Rabbits (equal to about 10000 yen or 129 US Dollar)
Special: 300 Rabbits (equal to about 30000 yen or 389 US Dollar)

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