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Prétear - The New Legend of Snow White 新白雪姫伝説プリーティア (Shin Shirayuki-hime Densetsu Purītia)


Himeno Awayuki was a normal sixteen-year old girl until her father married a woman who happens to be rich. Since then, she has been perceived as an outcast by both her new stepsisters and her classmates. Later, Himeno finds out from seven men called the Leafe Knights that she is something called Pretear, a girl who has the power to merge with and control the nature of the elemental-oriented powers from the Leafe Knights and stop an evil being called the Princess of Disaster.

Genre: Magical Girl, Romance, Comedy, Magic, Reverse Harem, Drama,
            Bishounen, Pact

Episode: 13

Original Run: April 4, 2001 – June 27, 2001

1. Love Breaks                                [Insert 11]
2. White Destiny                              [Opening]
3. In Your Eyes                                 [Insert 9]
4. Lucky Star                                     [Ending]

Manga: Prétear - The New Legend of Snow White 
Published: May 30, 2000 – July 18, 2001
Volume: 4

Here is the Additional Information regarding the Himeno & her power: 

Himeno Awayuki
Princess Pretear
16 years old
Birthday/Star Sign: July 9 / Cancer
Seiyuu: Sayuri Yoshida

Pretear of Wind
Fuses with Hayate 
Capable to used wind based power
Weapon: Wind Sword - ability to make the wind gusts cut

Pretear of Sound
Fuses with Sasame
Capable to used sound based power
Able to hear things far away and see herself there
Weapon: Sonic Arrow

Pretear of Light
Fuses withKei
Capable to used light based power
Weapon: Chakram of Light

Pretear of Fire
Fuses with Go
Capable to used fire based power
Weapon: Fire Ax

Pretear of Ice
Fuses with Manned
Capable to used ice based power
Weapon: Arquebus of Ice - which is a slim ice beam cannon

Pretear of Water
Fuses with Hajime
Capable to used water based power
Weapon: Water Flail

Pretear of Plants
Fuses with Shin
Capable to used plants based power

Legendary White Pretear
Transform without needing to pret with any of Leafe Knights
Allowing her to defeat Great Tree of Fenrir, bring back Sasame & save the world
Consequence: lost of her life and revived after being kissed by Hayate

Here is the Additional Information regarding the Leafe Knights: 

Leafe Knight of Wind
Birthday/Star Sign: April 27 / Taurus
Work as assistant for Himeno's dad
Seiyuu: Kousuke Toriumi

Leafe Knight of Sound / Fenrir's Knight of Darkness
Birthday/Star Sign: December 30 / Capricorn
Seiyuu: Takahiro Sakurai

Leafe Knight of Light
Birthday/Star Sign: Unknown / Aquarius
Work at an Internet Company
Seiyuu: Makoto Naruse

Leafe Knight of Fire
Birthday/Star Sign: Unknown / Leo
Seiyuu: Shotaro Morikubo

Leafe Knight of Ice
Birthday/Star Sign: Unknown / Sagittarius
Seiyuu: Akiko Yajima

Leafe Knight of Water
Birthday/Star Sign: Unknown / Aries
Seiyuu: Misato Fukuen

Leafe Knight of Plants
Birthday/Star Sign: Unknown / Aries
Seiyuu: Tamaki Nakanishi

Here is the preview:


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