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Phi Brain: Puzzle of God ファイ・ブレイン 神のパズル (Fai Burein Kami no Pazuru)


Kaito Daimon is a brilliant 16-year-old teenager who loves to solve puzzles. He acquires an enigmatic item called the Armband of Orpheus that allows him to fully utilize his brain, but that consequentially drains him completely. Currently attending Root Academy as an honor student, he is invited by the school principal to confront a secret organization named Puzzle of God (POG) that creates deadly Sage Puzzles to protect invaluable treasures and challenge the select few individuals capable of facing them. Given the title of Einstein, Kaito battles against the mysterious group in order to keep a promise he made as a kid while at the same time he heads towards the ultimate test: the Divine Puzzle.

Phi-Brain - Kami no Puzzle: Orpheus Order Hen 
ファイ・ブレイン ~神のパズル オルペウス・オーダー編 


Not too long after the events of Daimon Kaito's last battle with the POG organization, he must now face the Orpheus Order, a group that views the Armband of Orpheus as a necessary step for human evolution. Since Kaito ended up discarding his armband, he is targeted as a primary enemy of the mysterious faction.

Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle: Shukuteki! Raetsel-hen 
 ファイ・ブレイン ~神のパズル 宿敵!レイツェル編 


Jin Makata, Kaito's childhood mentor, has yet to recover his lost memory. One day, the girl Raetsel appears in front of him, Kaito and Rook. She claims that Jin actually hated puzzles so much he founded an organization called Master Brain to eradicate puzzles from this world. While various members of Master Brain come to challenge Kaito and his friends, the biggest puzzle remains: Whether Jin hated puzzles or, as Kaito belives, loved them.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Puzzle, School, Pact

Season 1: 25 episodes
Season 2: 25 episodes
Season 3: 25 episodes

Original Run
Season 1: October 2, 2011 – April 1, 2012
Season 2: April 8, 2012 – September 23, 2012
Season 3: October 6, 2013  March 23, 2014

Season 1:
1. Hologram              [Ending]
2. Brain Driver         [Opening]
3. Koi no Puzzle      [Insert 10]
4. Quebra Cabeca      [Insert]

Season 2:
1. Now or Never       [Opening]
2. Super Step          [Ending]

Season 3:
1. Diamond Secret       [Second Ending] 
2. Say yeah!                   [First Ending]
3. Destiny                       [Opening]


1. Phi Brain: Puzzle of God
Published: November 11, 2011 – September 10, 2012
Volume: 2

2. Phi Brain: Saigo no Puzzle
Published: April 27, 2011
Volume: 3

Here is the preview: 

Season 2: 

Season 3: 

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