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Law of Ueki うえきの法則 (Ueki no Hōsoku)


Kousuke Ueki, a student of the Hinokuni Junior High School, which was picked by a God Candidate, Koba-sen, to participate in a competition where people battle out to become God and only the strongest will prevail. Embodied with the ability to turn garbage into trees, Kousuke will be joining in the battle against other junior high school students in this selection. This sets the premise for the earth-friendly battle where the students will pit their powers against the rest.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure, Supernatural, Developing Power, 
             Drama, Summon

Episode: 51

Original Run: April 4, 2005 – March 27, 2006

1. Kokoro no Wakusei ~Little Planets~              [First Ending]
2. Falco                                                          [First Opening]
3. Kono machi de wa dare mo...                        [Third Ending]
4. Earthship ~Uchuusen Chikyuugo~                [Second Ending]
5. No Regret                                                  [Second Opening]
6. Bokutachi ni Aru Monoc                                  [Fourth Ending]
7. True Blue                                                          [Fifth Ending]


1. Law of Ueki
    Published:  July 23, 2001 – October 20, 2004
    Volume: 16

2. The Law of Ueki PLUS
    Published: 2005 – 2007
    Volume:  5

Here is the Additional Information regarding the Sacred Weapons:

All heavenly beings have the potential to master a total of ten attacks which correspond with different levels of their growth. These attacks are called Jingi, or "sacred treasures". Higher level sacred treasures have a higher damage capability than lower ones. If a heavenly being is a power-user (having received a power from a God Candidate), their power is merged with their sacred treasures. In the case of Ueki, he manifests these abilities through his talent of tree growth. A heavenly being's sacred treasures with no special powers will take the form of stone. In the Battle Game, there are only six heavenly beings: Ueki, Robert, Kilnorton, Diegostar, Balo and Ban Dicoot, but only Ueki and Robert are level 2 power users.


- 1-star sacred treasures.
- gained through consciousness/realization of the fact that the user is a heavenly 
- For Ueki, a large cannon grows out from a tree and fires a large ball of   
   wooden strands at the opponent.
- For Robert Hayden, it is first seen in the first intro of the show when he as a
  child is pointing it at the sky.
- first time it is used is in the battle between Ueki and Alessio Iuliano.


- 2-star sacred treasure.
- gained through perseverance.
- is a giant arm shield grown out of the ground to protect the user from attacks,
   but it can also be used offensively by striking at enemies.
- first seen when Ueki was defending himself from Tenko.


- 3-star sacred treasure.
- gained through firmness.
- the user must master "A heart that never wavers no matter what" (Fuwaku).
- a gigantic sword grown from the arm of the user.
- Ueki's Ranma grows out from a tree to strike the opponent.
- first seen in the battle where Ueki uses it to retire Oni.
- The shape of the blade is controlled by the user (like Margarette).


- 4-star sacred treasure.
- gained through body and strength.
- a cube-like big mouth that chomps the opponent.
- can jump out of the ground towards the opponent.
- Ueki's Masshu is a big mouth with tree legs that comes from the ground to
  chomp the opponent.
- first seen in the second battle between Ueki and Don.
- can be used to defend against attacks as well by chomping on Kurogane,
   Ranma and Pick.
- For Robert, he can make his Masshu travel along the ground, and make it turn
  red or blue to make the opponent drawn to or pushed away from the ground,
  which was seen when he was battling Ueki in the Dogura Mansion.

Pick (Ressen)

- 5-star sacred treasure.
- gained through centralization.
- a large column that quickly shoots out from the arm of the user towards the
- can be pointed downwards to propel the user upwards or it can be detached
  from the arm and used as a ramp.
- Ueki's Pick grows from a tree and has yellow and black stripes.
- Each heavenly being, their Pick is made from differing matter and has
  different markings on them, but Robert Haydn's pick is the shape of a
  corkscrew and Balo's pick is also pointed at the end. Pick is first seen in the
  battle between Ueki and Yunpao in the Dogura Mansion.


- 6-star sacred treasure.
- gained through anticipation.
- pair of rollerblade-like attachments on the user's feet allowing them rapid
  movement on the ground but the user is unable to jump.
- first seen in the battle between Ueki and Carl Pacchio.

Galiper (Gulliver)

- 7-star sacred treasure.
- gained through speed.
- A grid of light appears on the ground, followed by a boxed wall that shoots up
  from anywhere on the grid to capture the opponent.
- Any attempts to attack while inside the box are futile and can be directed back
  at the captured.
- The opponent only has half a second to avoid imprisonment.
- first seen in the battle between Ueki and Caption (Though there is speculation
  that it was first shown when Robert encased Ueki in a special transparent
  room during Mori and Kabara's fight that meet Gulliver's effects).


- 8-star sacred treasure.
- gained through capturing.
- appearance is that of a massive whip.
- is a highly flexible weapon which can be turned in any direction desired by
  the user.
- first seen in the match between Ueki and Guitar.


- 9-star sacred treasure of flight.
- gained through balance.
- A pair of wings will appear on the user's back, granting them flying
- first seen in the second opening theme of the series, although it was first used
  in a fight between Ueki and Anon.
- The color of the wings varies from user to user.

Archenemy (Maoh)

- 10-star sacred treasure.
- gained through will.
- Summons a creature that varies from heavenly being to heavenly being.
- a formless weapon
- The power of summon is based on the will of the fighter, which in Ueki's case
  was to protect his friends.
- Ueki's Maoh takes the form of Kobayashi and is relatively weak compared to
  Anon's Maoh due to his low will power. But due to an increase in Ueki's
  wishes to save his friends, his Maoh's strength increased and he gained control
  over it.
- Robert's Archenemy is an extremely monstrous black skeletal ram and is the
  embodiment of his hatred for humanity. It is used by Anon after he absorbs
- Maoh can only be used only six times in a lifetime. First mentioned in the
  ending scenes of the battle between Robert Hayden and Ueki. First appearance
  in the battle between GOD and Margarette, although it was attempted by
  Robert in the Dogura Mansion where he was prevented by Kobasen along
  with the ending of round 1. This level is attained only by Robert Haydn,
  Kosuke Ueki, God, and Margarette (Robert's God Candidate).

Super Sacred Weapon – Creation (Demi-Weapon - Dentso)

- unknown sacred treasure that changes the geography of any place.
- Only God has this power, but since Anon can absorb powers from whom he
  devours, he wields it and creates the pathway, where the last battle takes

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