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Guilty Crown ギルティクラウン (Giruti Kuraun)


Japan gave up its independence in order to avoid total collapse after the outbreak of an alien virus. 10 years later Japan is still a dependent nation under a not-so-friendly provisional government called GHQ. At the same time a boy named Shu has lost his past and himself. By chance Shu comes in contact with the beautiful and stoic Inori and the resourceful and charismatic Gai, both members of a militant resistance group called Funeral Parlor. Through his interaction with the members of Funeral Parlor and his acquisition of a genetically based power, the conflicted and withdrawn Shu slowly learns how to connect with others and reclaim himself. When the GHQ falls into the hands of a man who intends to use the virus to 'reset' earth's population, Shu and Funeral Parlor fight to stop him and reclaim Japan.

Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas  ギルティクラウン ロストクリスマス


A DVD with an animated short bundled with the limited edition of the PC game "Guilty Crown Lost Christmas".

In 2029, Scrooge escapes from a research facility where he had been confined as an experimental subject. His body was remodeled by genetic manipulations and he uses his psychic power to kill the chasers. One day, he meets another experimental subject called Carol. When three psychic chasers hunt down the two, Carol asks Scrooge to use his right arm to extract a weapon from her body.

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Romance, Super Virus, 

Episode: 22 + 1 Special + 1 OVA + 11 Special

Original Run
Series: October 14, 2011 – March 22, 2012
Special: January 3, 2012
OVA: July 26, 2012
Special: January 25, 2012 – November 21, 2012

1. Release My Soul                                              [Insert 22]
2. The Everlasting Guilty Crown                       [Second Opening]
3. Kokuhaku                                                      [Second Ending]
4. Ready to Go                                                      [Insert 2]
5. Hill of Sorrow                                                  [Insert 13]
6. βίος                                                                 [Insert 1]
7. Euterpe                                                            [Insesrt 1]
8. Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~       [First Ending]
9. My Dearest                                                    [First Opening]
10. Euterpe ~Silence~ + Departures ~Blessing~

11. Guilty Crown ~Euterpre (English Version)

Guilty Crown -Tribute Bonus CD: Extraterrestrial Biological Entities OST
1. Genzai no Akari
2. Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
3. Ame, Kimi wo Tsurete
4. Lovely Icecream Princess Sweetie
5. Teokure
6. Lost Struck
7. Ce que j'aime ~inori no kyuuzitu~
8. Omoi wo Megurasu 100 no Jishou
9. Kono Sekai de Mitsuketa Moon

Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas
1. Planetes                                              [Ending]

Lost Eve -Guilty Crown Lost Xmas Maxi Single-
1. Lost Control
3. Where am I?


1. Guilty Crown
Published: October 12, 2011 – November 12, 2013
Volume: 7

2. Guilty Crown: Dancing Endlaves
Published: July 2012 – May 2014 
Volume: 3

Novel: Guilty Crown: Princess of Deadpool
Published: April 25, 2012
Volume: 1

Here is the preview:

Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas:

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