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Blue Exorcist 青の祓魔師 (Ao no Ekusoshisuto)


The story revolves around Rin Okumura, a teenager possessing abnormal strength and endurance who, along with his younger twin brother Yukio, was raised by Father Shiro Fujimoto. Soon after Yukio departs to study at the prestigious True Cross Academy, Rin learns that he is the son of Satan, the strongest of all demons. Witnessing Shiro dying to protect him, Rin ends up doing what his guardian asked him never to do: draw the demon-slaying blade Kurikara, which restrains his demonic powers, from its scabbard. From that moment on, Rin not only gains permanent demonic features like fangs, pointed ears, fiery "horns" and a tail, but also the power to ignite himself into blue flames that can destroy almost anything they touch.

At Shiro's funeral, Rin has an encounter with Mephisto Pheles, who agrees with Rin's wish to become an Exorcist like his guardian to become stronger and to defeat Satan (not to get confused with revenge for Rin has explained himself in one of the episodes and chapter). Rin enrolls at the True Cross Academy, which is actually the Japanese branch of an international organization dedicated to protect the human realm, Assiah, from demons and other creatures from the demon realm, Gehenna. Rin takes part in a special Exorcist course, the existence of which is known only by a few. Much to his surprise, he finds that his brother Yukio is already a veteran Exorcist and will be one of his teachers.

Blue Exorcist -The Movie- 青の祓魔师(エクソシスト
(Ao no Exorcist Gekijouban)


The atmosphere in True Cross Academy is lively and boisterous in the days leading up to the grand festival held only once every 11 years. During this time, Okumura Rin is entrusted with the responsibility of suppressing a berserk Phantom Train. In the aftermath of his failed mission, he meets a devil whose appearance is that of a young boy with a mysterious connection to the ongoing festival.

Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc 青の祓魔師 京都不浄王篇 
(Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujō Ō-hen)


The ExWire of True Cross Academy are beset with shock and fear in the aftermath of discovering that one of their own classmates, Rin Okumura, is the son of Satan. But for the moment, they have more pressing concerns than that of Rin’s parentage: the left eye of the Impure King, a powerful demon, has been stolen from the academy’s Deep Keep. After an attempt is made to steal the right eye in Kyoto as well, Rin and the other ExWires are sent to investigate the mystery behind the Impure King and the ultimate goal of the thief.

While this mission has them cooperating for the time being, Rin has never felt more distant from his fellow exorcists. In his attempt to reconcile with them, he undergoes specialized training to control his dark power. However, when the right eye is stolen not long after their arrival, the unthinkable threat of a traitor amongst them leaves them in need of all the power they can get.

Genre: Action, Drama, Comedy, Supernatural, School, Demons, 
             Religion, Exorcists, Summon

Season 1: 25 Episodes + 1 Special + 10 Special + 1 Movie
Season 2: 12 Episodes + 2 OVA

Original Run
Season 1: April 17, 2011 – October 2, 2011
Special: October 26, 2011
Special: June 22, 2011 – March 21, 2012
Movie: December 28, 2012
Season 2: January 7, 2017 – March 25, 2017
OVA: April 4, 2017 –  October 4, 2017

List of Songs (directly to Anime Lyrics Blog)

Season 1:
1. Me & Creed                             [Insert 25]
2. Call Me Later                           [Insert 19]
3. Wired Life                                [Second Ending]
4. In My World                              [Second Opening]
5. Take Off                                   [First Ending]
6. Core Pride                               [Second Ending]

1. REVERSI             [Ending]

Season 2:
1. Itteki no Eikyou          [Opening]
2. Kono To de                [Ending]


1. Blue Exorcist
Published: April 4, 2009 – Ongoing
Volume: 20

2. Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Yukio Okumura
Published: October 2013 – Ongoing
Volume: 2

3. Time Killers
Published: August 2000 – September 2008
Volume: 1

Light Novel: Ao no Exorcist
Published: September 2, 2011 – Ongoing
Volume: -

Here is the preview:

Blue Exorcist -The Movie-:

Season 2:

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