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Air Gear エア・ギア (Ea Gia)


Minami “Ikki” Itsuki, is a student and a delinquent. Also known as the “Unbeatable Babyface,” Ikki is the leader of the youth gang by the name of “East Side Gunz.” Upon his return home after being humiliated by a street gang of Storm Riders called the Skull Saders, Ikki discovers a secret hidden from him by his benefactors, the Noyamano sisters. The sisters belong to a group of Storm Riders who go by the team name of Sleeping Forest. Keen on helping Ikki to regain his confidence and pride, they supply him with a pair of Air Trecks (abbreviated as “AT”). Ikki eventually settles his grudge with the Skull Saders, but in the process he receives more than the simple satisfaction of revenge. Determined to experience the sensation of “flight” for as long as he can, our headstrong protagonist is quickly sucked into the mysterious, yet irresistible world of Air Treck.

Air Gear: Break on the Sky エア・ギア 黒の羽と眠りの森 -Break on the Sky-
(Air Gear: Kuro no Hane to Nemuri no Mori - Break on the Sky)


First episode is based on the 16th volume of the manga. Features Ikki vs. Ringo.
Second episode is based on the 23th/24th volume of the manga. Features Kogarasumaru vs. Sleeping Forest inside Inorganic Net.

Genre: Action, Comedy, Sports, Slice of Life, Tournaments, Ecchi

Episode: 25 + 1 Special + 3 OVA

Original Run
Series: April 4, 2006 – September 27, 2006
OVA: November 17, 2010 – June 17, 2011

List of Songs (directly to Anime Lyrics Blog)

1. Forest Walker               [Opening]
2. Sky-2-High                    [Ending]

1. MIss X Day                   [Ending]
2. Chain                            [Ending]

Manga: Air Gear
Published: November 6, 2002 – May 28, 2012
Volume: 37

Here is the preview:

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